Zero Energy Hydraulic Elevator

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Today’s increasing infrastructural facilities demand for multi storied parking spaces requiring efficient elevator systems. Unlike the modern day elevators which need external energy for operation, we conceptualized an elevator which uses no energy at all.
As a part of the design Scissor lift design is used because of its ergonomics as compared to other heavy lifting devices available in the market. The frame is very sturdy & strong enough with increase in structural integrity. A multiple height scissor lift is made up of two or more leg sets. These types of lifts are used to achieve high travel with relatively short platform Here the concept of liquid pressure has been used to our advantage to provide necessary force to lift the payload which is placed on the platform. The hydraulic fluid density and viscosity decides the force acquired to move the piston which in turn provides the mechanical movement required.

The basic conceptualization would contain a scissor lift containing a base platform which will be mounted on the ground. The platform will be able to move around the parking lot with the help of computer program which will transport the cars to their level of parking based on space available at different floors. The top platform which will be carrying the car or the payload will be made with suitable material and will contain an oil reservoir on which the platform will be mounted with locking system. When the person wants to go to particular floor, by pressing the button the locking mechanism is released and the oil layer applies pressure on the oil previously present forcing it to move through the pipe we provide which is further attached to the actuator. Then the force applied by the fluid will move the actuator to cause the mechanical movement of the scissor lift causing it to lift the car to the particular floor. All the pipes which will be carrying the fluid will be managed to bear the pressure due to the fluid.

When the car or the payload needs to come down, we provide another pipe through which the fluid would retrieve back to its own position again due to its own weight but only after the person presses a button which would then release the locking system and then again due to its own weight the fluid starts flowing through the other pipe again forcing the hydraulic piston to release the pressure bringing back down the payload.

There is a wide scope for this product in the market as it would revolutionize the transport industry where demands better and much efficient systems. This would help decrease the space occupied by the drive ways and increase the parking capacity thus decreasing the increasing parking problems in the cities.


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    Paladugu Sri Harsha
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    S. Abdus Samad
    K. Vamshi Krishna
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    With the increasing energy I truly believe we can do wonders with engineering solutions and towards that solution i'd like to bring a small change, in the working of some of highly energy consuming equipment with are unavoidable in the present situation.
    Thus with that motivation started my research towards zero energy and conceptualized many theories and converted some into prototypes and have reached to this concept.
    Have referred many books and met many people for the workability of this model and came up with many answers, some positive and some negative which inspired me to design this model.
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    Auto CAD, PTC creo
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