Road Accident Saviour Device

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Road accidents are undoubtedly the most frequent and, overall, the cause of the most vehicle damage. In most cases when an accident happens there is no person available on the spot area to take care of the causality. Passengers of the vehicle may not be in a mode to call for a emergency help assistance.

Many of these lives could have been saved, if they had received timely help.

Few times ago, I saw an injured person lying on the road unconscious after a critical accident happened with him while he was travelling on a motorbike. No person standing by was ready to help him. That incident changed my life & since then I always wanted to do something related to people's security during unfortunate accidents.

My idea is to make a device which will be installed in vehicles and have the capability to immediately inform to local emergency help, nearest traffic patrolling & to the family members (whose detail will be provided by the owner during device installation). Activation of this unit is based on certain crash detect sensors.

This device can send location information to the local nearest hospital in the event of unfortunate incident. In case of accident it will automatically reach the local police station & hospitals. In that case an emergency help will be available for the injured person & lives could save.

This system is designed to get you help in the event of an accident. The sensor using in this technology detects the accidents & automatically triggers an emergency message to the nearest hospital, police station & to family members. The sensor also tells the level of accident -- whether it is serious & those which don’t required any emergency service. After the accident automatically an alarm will be activated. In case of non-serious accident, driver of the vehicle will press the button to shut down the alarm, which also means drivers is safe & that will automatically be communicated to the concerned departments.

This idea will work for all vehicles be it commercial or passenger categories. The manufacturing of the product can be made with already available components in the market; this system is an innovation, we have to restructure the circuit design & define packaging of the system.

As SOS systems are already in work, a large number of health sectors & police control room are availing this facility, there is only need to link our device with already installed SOS system. Therefore it will save the cost of re installation of new units at receivers end.

As explained above this device has a vast need in current automobile structure. We are more concerned about safety nowadays, there are lot of technologies being introduced in a faster manner, so this device has a huge market potential.

This type of system is not available on the market. It’s a unique design with a focus on a person’s safety, and this idea came from a problem.

Design patent for the same have already been applied.


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    Himanshu Dhingra
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    New product design & design optimisation solution in transportation system inspired me.
    My background includes a focused career in Automotives. Throughout my accademic career i have been into many car design competitions.
    Two product patents i have filed in recent years. At present i am working as a design engineer in Automotive interior system organisation. I am looking after design modifications & optimisation for new & existing projects.
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