A Bicycle Speed Of More Than 60 KM/H Without Hard Effort

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Bicycle is used as mainly short distance carrier. Speed of a cycle generally 15-20 km/h, if we pedal it comfortably. We can get more speed by fitting big-size front chain ring (with increase number of teeth of ring) or increasing rate of rotation. But both are laborious for human. To get high speed without hard labor I have thought of an innovative idea.

In my innovation we can get more than double speed by fitting double size front chain ring, but do not need extra manpower. For it two chain ring to be fitted at the two side of crank set (where crank arm is fitted) and two rear free (rear chain ring /cassette ) to be fitted at rear and connected by two chain with two front chain separately. For it structure to be make of special design. Half or full chain cover (one side open beside of chain ring) may be fitted. Two crank arm is not required for this system. Two pedals to be fitted with two front chain ring (near boundary), like manual sugarcane juice extract machine’s handle, or like yarn rolling system of a fishing rod.

For fitting pedal with chain ring of my system, manpower is required less than half of present system. But need extra power for double size of chain ring. So we can get more than double speed from present system cycle without extra labour.

Front chain ring is fitted at present system cycle at right side, but for my innovative system, two front chain ring are required . Because if be fitted only one front chain ring at right side and at left side be fitted the pedal with crank arm, then more pressure is need to rotate the left pedal. But if double size chain ring is fitted at left side also and the pedal is fitted with chain ring, Then we can rotate the chain ring easily.

Now if we increase R.P.M. by double, Then we get double speed. So we can get speed from my innovative system more than 60 km/h by giving some extra power (this power is less from the extra power which is needed for doubling R.P.M. of present system cycle and this speed is not possible at present system cycle). This speed is more than e-bike and nearby motor cycle’s speed. No fuel or battery charging expenses is required for my system . It will be a Eco-friendly, low maintenance cost carrier.


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