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Picture no.1
It is an ordinary car Nissan 350z. It works thanks to its V6 combustion engine like the original version. However, this engin is enriched with two supercharged turbochargers which increase the performance from 308HP to 500HP. The car is suited for rides in a forrest, draging trees or other towing purposes. Thanks to the height of the vehicle, it can also be used in case of natural disasters (chassis from Jeep Wrangler). The prototype can also be used as a movie prop of some sci-fi movie.

Picture no.2
Prototype is based on a 1970 Buick Riviera. It is settled on a off-road chassis and enriched with a supercharger with self-adjusting flap. The vehicle approached the borderline of just over 800 HP which would make a forest work much easier. The car is also enriched by reinforcing frame which should protect the driver from falling trees or stones. The vehicle is suited for forrest rides. It can be usefull during the natural disasters and as previous car it can be used as a prototype in sci-fi movie.

Picture no.3
Buick Roadmaster was created for a purpouse of veteran road race. However, this visualization shows the car right after the race. The thrust wing and front bumper0 were specially created for this car. The car was droped and enriched with alloy wheels of dimensions: 350/35/R18 which should guarantee a perfect adhesion on a road. The car is aggregated by an engine 6,2 liters HEMI from a Ford Raptor so the torque should climb up to 800nm and should be transfered to all 4 wheels. The car uses similar system as BMW xDrive cars.

All cars which I present are realy possible to create as I used parts from real vehicles. Therefore I think that after a few of adjustments the cars could be made and used. I would like to stress the fact that the cars are visually modified and are only in digital versions.


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