AWD Butterfly 3

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These designs are to create the future, while maintaining mechanical engineering importance. I posted these ideas out there to get recognition of some important concepts. There is an AWD Butterfly project, in 3D CAD art, that I did for this contest in 2012; and an AWD Butterfly 2 project, that I did earlier for 2016. These are basically just Ideas, I have had over my lifespan, that I also use when I write to automotive companies as a portfolio.

First, allow me to explain the images sequentially. image 1 is of a Body/frame in one, with a closed top vehicle that folds it's suspension at the center core of the width wide wheel's wheelbase. This is a new take on automotive chassis and suspension design.

Second image; we have an example of cone wheels and a wing shaped body shell with a significantly slanted slope using straight edges for the side of the body shell.The suspension used is like in the AWD Butterfly 2 but with cone wheels on a leaning vehicle.

Third is an example of a wide, high negative lift, upside down wing shaped body, with a interesting low center of gravity rear spoiler that works as a debris shield while scooping up air underneath the vehicle then turning it into down force at the rear accompanying the body shell.

Please breathe deeply, relax, and enjoy this art fully and comprehensibly. Importantly too please vote.


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