Frontal Collision Warning System For Two-way Roads Due To Unsafe Overtaking Behavior

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Currently in Brazil, many injuries and casualties occur due to wrong side overtaking, by reckless behavior on the part of several drivers. Estimates show more than 20,000 accidents with 987 deaths and aproximately 12,000 injured people. Brazil has small amout of roads with central separation; most of the roads are two way roads, with environment relief and road tracing that makes the scenario even more complicated.

Treating the behavior depends on several cultural changes, and law implementation, but actually this will not resolve the humam factor.

Engiineering and Design can treat the behavior by warning the inadvertent driver, that will suffer by the act of the mistaken driver, giving him time to react and take his car out of the crash path. The system is a road implementation that can monitor the road, and check if some driver makes any mistaken overtaking in blind curves, sending a visual warning message several meters away for the driver that comes in the right direction, giving him reaction time, to change to coasting lane and saving his family's life, his life and the lives of the wrong driver and his passengers, avoiding the accident, traffic stops, and cost with medical assistance and rescue of victims.

The estimated cost of the system is less than USD1500/Curve (BRL5000) and can also save government and insurance cost (About BRL 13000000/Year) and Human estimate of life (about 500K BRL) thinking in medical assitance, which is in several cases SUS (Unique Health System) affording responsibility.

The humam life saving and the impact on his family and environment cannot be measured.



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    Saving Several Lifes, in a cost that actually will make the design exists in reallity, since expensive monitoring systems and designs will not be implemented in long term.
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