A Compact Foldable E-moped

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Lithos Motors is an automobile startup that focuses on providing innovative, clean energy transportation for urban commuters.

At Lithos Motors, we aim at changing the way India commutes. The world will shift to clean and green transportation solution in coming years, and we aim to act as a catalyst for this journey. Also due to increasing use of public transport, future will be of short distance travelling and we aim to tap it. We have designed and manufactured a  compact, foldable, lightweight, ultra-portable, electric moped.



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  • Name:
    Aditya Ganjapure
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    Team members:
    Aditya Ganjapure Angad Singi Mahendra Sengar Gaurav Deshmukh
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    Increase in pollution, congestion and lack of door to door connectivity inspired us to make something which solves all these problems effectively and efficiently
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    Solidworks, Hyperworks, Ansys
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