Road Barrier Power Generator

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Massive amounts of energy are used to propel vehicles through wind resistance. There is a worldwide environmental problem with millions of waste tyres from vehicles. I am attempting to use the idea to overcome the environmental problem as well as use the energy from moving vehicles to generate power to light up street lights.

Using a light, one-directional , fan blade (a propeller that turns in one direction, regardless of the direction of the wind it encounters), I want to mould a typical road barrier (currently made from concrete) from rubber chips from old tyres, but with round ventilation holes through them, into which I install the one-directional power generators.
To simplify. Concrete barriers used all over the world are very heavy and impact from a vehicle causes severe damage to the vehicle. Manufacturing this barrier from rubber granules moulded into an interlocking, yellow pigmented, also very heavy barrier but with round wind ducts along the side of the barrier, into which the one directional fan blades are mounted.

How it works:
A vehicle passing the barrier pushes air out of its way, forcing it to the side, basically perpendicular to the direction it is moving in. This wind will blow through the fan blades , causing it to turn in the same direction as the forward direction of the vehicle. As soon as the vehicle has passed the fan, the vortex behind the vehicle will cause a "vacuum effect, " therefore "sucking" air back through the ducting, causing further turn moment on the fan blade, but STILL in the same direction as it was rotating in previously.

With magnets on the tips of the fan blades, and coils that is installed around the outside parameter - but in close proximity, power is generated that will charge batteries that are moulded into the barrier during manufacturing, to store energy which will be used to power efficient LED lights that can be utilised as street lighting after sunset or during adverse weather where visibility is limited.

Yellow pigmented (no paint maintenance required) solid rubber granules moulded barrier 8-10-12 metres long, with 6-8 or more round ducts in which one-directional fan blades are spinning freely, propelled by wind conditions caused by moving vehicles, generating power to light up roads worldwide. Ideal for instant lighting during road works, permanent installations on highways etc., no cabling required. Lights will be similar to Formula 1 night racing, lower than normal lights, at an angle forward in direction of traffic flow. Not as bright, but sufficient. Auto On/off with movement detection to save power in quiet late nights, once movement is detected, 200m of lighting ahead of moving vehicle switches on immediately. No movement for 15 minutes, switches off automatically. Interlocking units, replaced as a unit by crane truck. Each unit operates independently.
Join me in this worldwide improvement of road safety for all road users.


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