Exhaust Gas-pond Maker

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Design concept of this project is simple: to reduce exhaust emission & satisfy emission norms in INDIA. Device contains one cylinder, one filter & two pipe connections -- one to connect exhaust silencer to cylinder & another to cylinder to open air. Cylinder is full with water and exhaust gases coming out from the exhaust directly come in contact with water and create ash pond, the same like obtained in power plants. And the remaining gases which cannot be absorbed by water will only able to leave inside the atmosphere.

Additional fins are provided at the cylinder surface so that it can rotate by air velocity while vehicle is in running condition. This will lead to increase mixing process of exhaust gas with water. Device is manufactured from stainless steel material to avoid corrosion reaction. Also it is very simple in construction as well as cheap in cost. It will cost up to Rs.500 or $10 only. Also the byproduct of this device, the ash pond, can be used to construct roads and make bricks. So it will generate revenue also. Every vehicle owner need to clean this device at the end of the day and store ash pond separately in separate dustbin and municipality or road contractor needs to collect it to mix it with the road or building construction material.

This idea will lead not only India but the world to achieve clean environment goal without reducing fuel economy and up gradation of technology while strengthening of environment norms. Cylinder can be prepared from transparent plastic material in order to visualize how much exhaust gas is converted in gas pond. Non return valve is provided at the entry of exhaust gas with water in order to ensure that none of the water will enter inside the engine. The up gradation of the system with catalytic converter and turbo charger can be used to make the device more effective but it will lead to cost more. But definitely environment lover would love to use engine with turbo charger+catalytic converter+Exhaust gas-pond maker+Exhaust gas analyzer. Also now it is essential that every vehicle must have exhaust gas measuring device in it to know the amount of exhaust gas coming from it.

The fully upgraded system cost Rs.20000 or $400 but as compared to clean environment cost this cost is very small. Right now for the next five years one can survive with exhaust gas-pond maker but in future up gradation is mandatory for everyone. It can be used for every exhaust device but the cylinder capacity need to be increased as amount of exhaust increase. In this study 1lit cyinder is sufficient for 2 wheeler and 3 liter is sufficient for 4 wheeler diesel and petrol vehicle.


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    Day to day increase in temperature and complication in implementation of emission norms.
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