Compressed Air Vehicle

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The world today is concerned about saving the environment. Everywhere measures have been taken up to reduce pollution. Major amount of air pollution is caused by vehicle running on roads. They contribute to most of the air pollution hence engineers today focus on building an eco-friendly engine which can reduce the pollution caused by vehicles. A big milestone in this process can be the engine working on compressed air. A compressed air engine works on air as fuel to drive the pistons and produces mechanical output without causing any harm to the environment. The engine takes in compressed air instead of using traditional fuels such as petrol, diesel etc. Here this compressed air engine takes the intake of air from the vertically above the piston head. Experimentally a speed of 30 kmph was achieved by the use of this engine which is better then other works produced on the same topic. It is also efficient as the pollution caused is zero. It is also efficient then electrically operated vehicles as they can be charged instantaneously and amount of compressed air can last for a longer time which is not the case with electrically operated vehicles. Hence this engine can prove to be very successful and sustainable in future.

As we all know that vehicles are a major contributor to air pollution and global warming, using a bike which utilizes compressed air as its working fluid or fuel is a wise step towards a pollution free environment. This is an effort to, make a motorcycle engine working on compressed air by changing some basic designs in engine and camshaft. The inlet valve is closed at all times and exhaust valve has a changed timing. It is a two stroke engine working on the design of a four stroke petrol engine.

A compressed-air engine is a pneumatic actuator that creates useful work by expanding the compressed air and converting the potential energy into motion. (A pneumatic actuator is a device that converts energy into motion.) The motion can be rotary or linear, depending on the type of actuator. Compressed Air Engine (CAE) are fueled by compressed air, which is stored in a tank at a high pressure. A Compressed Air Vehicle (CAV) uses this compressed-air engine as its mechanism for propulsion. . Compressed air vehicle project in the form of light utility vehicle (LUV) (i.e., air car in particular) has been a topic of great interest for the last decade and many theoretical and experimental investigations The difference between the compressed air engine and IC engine is that instead of mixing fuel with air and burning it to drive pistons with hot expanding gases, CAE’s use the expansion of previously compressed air to drive their pistons. The greatest advantages of compressed air vehicle are, no burning process and no waste gas discharge to the surrounding environment. It can be said as a green environmental protection vehicle with near zero pollution in the metropolitan cities.


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