Electric Brake Caliper

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Electro-mechanical Brake Caliper

The primary application for the caliper is an electric vehicle where the majority of braking will use the regenerative action of the traction motor. The mechanism is composed of a permanent magnet brushless DC motor, roller clutch, acme screw, and compound wedges to mechanically activate the pistons in the caliper. The mechanical advantage of the acme screw and wedges allows for a small DC motor with low current draw. The roller clutch is used as a take up mechanism to compensate for pad ware in the same manner as hydraulic fluid in a conventional hydraulic caliper. Wedge angle, screw and motor torque can be used to calculate braking force to allow a single caliper model to be used for both front and rear applications.. Its configuration is the same as a dual piston floating hydraulic caliper. The Caliper uses current casting, machining, assembly and mounting practices.


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    Gene Markel
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    Electric Vehicles are very much in the future. The best way to make them affordable by using current technology to manufacture components and assemble subsystems that can be installed in current vehicle configurations.
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