FST (Flow Of Shifting Transmission) -- A Multi Belt CVT

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Cars – vehicles:-
- Did they tell you CVT is forbidden from F1 races because of its performance?
- So why isn't it in super cars?
- FST (Flow Shifting Transmission) is multi belt CVT.
- FST is more than 12 years of R&D, 10 experimental models.
- FST is made to contain all the advantage required in a transmission without the deficiencies.
- FST is electronic automatic, foil economy, fast acceleration, low cost as manual and Easy maintenance … how come?
- Let me tell you first way other transmissions can’t have all combined.

Manual transmission:-
For shifting you need to
1- Disengage the clutch
2- Release the previous shift
3- Attach the next shift
4- Reengage the clutch
- This takes 1:2 seconds of wasting engine power and acceleration + accelerating from lower to over the perfect RPM.

DCT (dual clutch transmission):-
- It’s like 2 gearboxes in one, while engaging the first, attach a shift in the second
- Time for shifting is only for disengage the first and engage the second
- This takes milliseconds but steal need accelerating from lower to over the perfect RPM.

CVT (contentious variable transmission):-
- It does depend on 2 variable diameter pulleys; it’s always engaged while the car is moving forward as well as perfect RPM always engaged.
- Fastest F1 car used a CVT
- CVT also foil economy
- But low friction space
- Means fast acceleration => more friction => Short life.
- F1 car’s life ends with the race but commercial cars have to leave more so its low acceleration as the customer can accept.

-The multi belt CVT is use 2 variable diameter pulleys but with ability of use more than one belt and also can use a V_ ripped belt having unlimited friction space.
-The multi belt CVT is not an invention but controlling the pulleys diameters and the belt tension without wasting power is the invention.

It’s time for Multi Belt CVT, It’s time for FST.

Usually ships don't use transmission but why?
1- It can't split for shifting because of the high water resistance.
2- Ships engine torque is higher than what single belt CVT able to, CVT can't.

FST can.



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