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Make a hub where a driver can be welcomed by humans but all the mechanism are fully automated and schedulable/visible from a mobile device. From the access point the car is left with its key in it. The customer might have planned a car wash, a repair, customization, a tune-up or even to sell it. Every passage will be organized even before the driver drops off the car. The flow and chain of sequenced activities will all happen inside the hub. It is much more than a garage. Also the bill should not be a surprise and by a mobile device will be possible to monitor online the status and to actually see by pictures the progress. The customer coming back to collect the car will not need to find it in a parking spot but will be driven by GPS signal to the desired place where the car will be parked or moved at the desired time.

Ideal places for these hub might be an airport or train station so that the works will be done during the unused time.

In alternative mode this also works as a drive-in where the driver can stay in the car while washing and than get a virtual seat while the car is repaired or fine tuned or repainted. In this mode it is offered as an alternative experience to own a car which it is transforming.


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