Improved Homogeneous Charge Spark Ignition System

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What is this technology?
The proposed technology provides an “Improved Homogeneous Charge Spark Ignition” that can be fast, easily and economically applied to current vehicles fleet, without manufacture cost increases to new internal combustion engines, diesel and gasoline engines.

This technology can provide solutions to tackle the Global Warming; CO2 Greenhouse Gas “GHG” emissions and Atmospheric Pollution NOx, O3 (Ozone) PM & VOC coming out of all current Internal Combustion Engines, diesel and gasoline.

This technology can decrease by more than 50% the current CO2 emissions, 95% the NOx and PM harmful emissions of current light and heavy transportation fleet so, providing a fast relief and breakthrough to current and dangerous atmospheric pollution of the cities and, the global warming issue, last but not least, helping energy resources conservation.

Solved problems:
- The current fuels combustion main issue, losses of about 60% of fuels energy as just heat.
- The High emissions of: CO2 and pollution as NOx, PM and Ozone O3.

What are the benefits?
- Saving people's lives worldwide.
- Cleaning atmospheric pollution and substantially decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Which solutions are known today?
Several “after treatment devices” and EGR management among others that, try to decrease the pollution emissions at the exhaust side on just certain conditions but, on the real driving conditions we all know that emissions levels are much higher than the stated required Official Rules.

What are the advantages compared to the solutions known today?
It fixes the combustion issues at its origin. This solution converts the fuels energy as power (engine’s torque). It decreases the CO2 and all pollution emissions without after treatment devices neither EGR.

This solution can be applied to current light and heavy vehicles fleet fast, economically, easily and, to new engines at the production time without cost increase.

How this technology works
For a perfect fuel/air mixture, homogeneous mixture; it uses a new intake manifold having all the new fuel/air mixing elements needed for each type of engine and/or vehicle. (See fig. 1)

For low temperature combustion LTC and, to take full advantage of the combustion power energy; it has all control functions and engine power management, spark-time control included, being carried out with efficient new algorithms at the Electronic Control Unit “ECU” internal software. (See Fig. 2)

All new control algorithms can be reprogrammed inside the same current engine ECU without need of using a new ECU design.

Patent pending application:
Fuel injection system and strategies of control for fuel feeding on internal combustion engines.
USPTO US 2013-0081598 A1
Published; April 4, 2013
Author: Jose M Beltran.

Thanks for your kind consideration and study of this new technology.
Jose M. Beltran C.


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