For Gasoline Engines. Reduces Harmful Emissions, Increases Fuel Economy Up To 10%

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I want to draw your attention to my invention, "apparatus for water supply to the internal combustion engines, " Gruzpatent" GE P 2005 3525 B. 04.11.2003. AP 2004 3577 A F 02 M 25/02. which significantly improves the economical/environmental performance of internal combustion engines. The basis of the invention lies in the water supply to the combustion chamber as a low-temperature vapor.

There are different ways of supplying water into the engines. The effectiveness of water supply to the combustion process has been confirmed for a long time, but existing methods are complex, costly, and require a systematic qualified service.

In this case, a method of supplying an internal combustion engine, a low-temperature saturated steam and water device is so simple and effective that one of ordinary skill can hardly believe it. First the engine is fed not water, but low-temperature saturated water vapor, which is produced in a special generator, the generator volume of about 1 liter. The vapor formed since the temperature reaches 400 C and 900 C, steam temperature can be controlled. Steam is supplied to the intake manifold with special nozzles. Number of steam supplied is adjusted jets. The device improves the combustion process, provides fuel savings of up to 10% and reduces the emissions of CO and CO2 by more than two times, improved detonation engine performance at low engine speeds, significantly improving vehicle dynamics. The system makes it possible to speed up the engine in a short period of time. The device is: a low-temperature saturated steam generator, a tank for ordinary drinking water in the amount of 5 - 10 liters, electronic control unit, valves and various connecting hoses. Steam generator is mounted in the engine compartment and the tank anywhere in the car. After installation and adjustment requires no maintenance other than pouring water. The device tested in operational conditions on the gasoline engine, diesel engines require more research. The estimated cost is less than $100.

My information: Physicist, Merited Energy Georgia, lecturer of Batumi State. Rustaveli University. Tel. +995 577 945400, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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