Generation Of Electricity From Vehicle Exhaust Heat By Using Thermo-electric Generator (TEG)

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The idea of this project is to utilise the waste thermal energy (heat energy) being generated in automobiles. It involves the trapping of heat energy being generated from the heat source in the vehicle and converting it to electrical energy which can be used for many appliances. The heat energy and the temperature from the heat source is sensed by the thermocouple and is converted to electrical energy by a device called a Thermoelectric Generator which works on the seebeck effect. The electric potential produced in the thermoelectric generator is boosted by the converter thereby increasing the magnitude of voltage, required for charging the battery. Further, the battery is connected to run the auxiliary appliances in the system. Thus the eco-friendly power generation method can be implemented for domestic and commercial use at an affordable cost.

This project can also be applicable in home appliances, where the heat from gas stoves can be trapped for producing electrical energy. By the efficient use of waste heat energy, we can save some amount of energy for operating appliances and auxiliary systems in vehicles.


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