Piston With Oil Cooling Gallery

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Ever increasing specific power of diesel engines has put huge demand on effective thermal management of the pistons for the desired reliability and durability. The life of the piston is related to the temperature distribution in it because of the operating variables. To reduce the temperatures it is necessary to incorporate the rising power demands and also the compact size and reduction in weight demands. Apart from the advancements in materials and manufacturing processes, limiting the temperatures in the piston depend on the cooling methods used in the Internal Combustion Engines. One of the methods used currently is the Cooling Gallery beneath the combustion chamber.

The prediction of the temperature distribution and the role of cooling gallery in the heat transfer process can be easily done using the CFD software packages available in the market prior to the testing. This will lead to incorporate the required changes in the piston and cooling mechanism designs prior to the manufacturing.

This piston will give a durable life as compared to the normal piston.


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