5/8" Drive Ratcheting System W/Sockets

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My Proposed Project:
5/8" Drive Hand Ratchet system with a 3 piece 50" long Telescopic Handle with a group of Hand/Impact Sockets.

This system is to allow a mechanic tighten or loosen bolts (or fasteners if no bolts exist) easily. The system will compliment the 1/4" Dr, a 3/8" Dr, a 1/2" Dr and the 3/4" Drive Ratcheting systems.

5/8" drive system will fall between 1/2" & 3/4" drive systems. A 1/2" drive chrome sockets above 3/4" cannot tighten or loosen with the 1/2" drive ratchet system available because the handle length is not long enough. A 5/8" drive system with Black oxide sockets from 7/8" up to 2" will give a mechanic a chance to loosen bolts tighten to their designed torque requirement.

As you can see, NO 1/2" drive Ratchet or Flex-T Handle can generate the force required to BREAK loose these bolts, because the handle length of either a ratchet or flex t handle just isn't there. SO, why not just use a 3/4" drive with the proper sockets? The Handle length of the 3/4" drive Ratchet isn't long enough to break these bolts loose. If a mechanic had a 5/8" drive system, with at least a 50" to 60" telescopic handle length, (to reduce weight) one could effectively loosen any of these bolts. There is a problem and that would be to keep the socket on the bolt evenly to distribute force on the corners of the bolt.

A 5/8" drive system will also round out a mechanics tool set giving him a fighting chance to tighten or loosen bolts to their designed torque requirement.

For trucks on the road, a tool set with sockets & a 5/8" drive ratchet ,with an adjustable telescopic handle can give a driver a chance to change a tire and get the tractor to a garage. Most truck rims require 500 pound-ft of torque. Once he gets back on the road he can stop and have his truck tires checked for proper torque.

Many years ago, manufacturers use to make 5.8" drive ratcheting systems, but again the handle length was not enough to tighten or loosen bolts.

With the number of Trucks on the road today in 2016, it is a main safety concern that each truck be required to carry a TOOL set that is capable of fixing a flat tire. How many times have you seen a RE-TREAD on the road..... this is a safety concern.


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    Tony Williams
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    Retired Mechanical Engineer / Reliabilty Engineer
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    My luv for hand tools has never gone away! After 24 years & 6 months with this same company as a Reliability Engineer, Quality improvements could be tracked just about every other year. We instituted ISO 9001 in all 5 of our manufacturing plants of which I was the TRAINER for introduction to ISO. I also participated in GSA round robin effort to understand how tools are used in 6 different Government rebuilding factories. We learned alot over my time. Then the Company slowly transformed out of Made-in-USA to import product. Sign of the times! Had to do it to survive. Needless to say my fun ended in 2009 when the last of the manufacturing plants was closed in Connecticut.
    2016 I am involved in my hobby of USA COIN & Currency collecting. I built my own websites like StolenCurrency.com & CirculatedCurrency.com. I also issued to android apps on RATING of USA Circulated Currency & Circulated Coins.
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    USA CiculatedCurrency.com & CirculatedCoins.com
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    I worked for a Hand Tool Company as a Mechanical Engineer / Reliability Engineer and found a need for this tool in our line up but never could get any traction.
    Trucks - Tractor trailers- are on the road more in 2016 now than when I was twisting wrenches after I got out of the US Navy. (I was working for my Engineering degree at night)
    I really lucked out getting a job at this company (I figured it was destiny!!! but who knows) This is a SIMPLE design! STOP making 1/2" drive Chrome sockets over 7/8" or even alittle lower! and BUILD a 5/8" drive system with no chrome sockets.
    The United States Gov even designated a 5/8" drive ratchet in it's Specs. IT was weird that I could never get any traction in our Marketing Group. BUT then we were a USA made Company...... NOW our product is 100% OFF shore and I think this product could have a Market in Trucking systems and well as big constructions sites. Last ditch effort!
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