Kuma: Electric Vehicle For Micromobility

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Kuma: Electric Vehicle for micromobility

Today, traffic jams and pollution are a part of everyday life in big cities and they have become one of the main problems for the quality of urban life.

In recent years, the number of cars has increased dramatically due to its prioritization over other transport modes. Transport solutions for cities should be focused directly in micro-mobility (distances of less than 10 km), encouraging the use of more efficient alternatives according to the distance traveled and the circumstances of usage (what we call strategic mobility).

Some major cities have begun to create an appropriate environment for the inclusion of sustainable projects, such as: policies for the use of bicycles, promotion of public transportation, and electric vehicles. So, it is the first time since the arrival of the automobile where a population group (Millennials, the generation born in the 1980s and 1990s) does not consider its purchase as a priority. This generation is characterized by its power of change, an interest in buying green products, and the need to be connected.

Kuma was developed based on the problems made evident, policies aimed at mobility and a potential population group. It is a comprehensive, systemic solution composed of three main components:

Product- Personal electrical vehicle

The product was based on transportation devices such as scooters, skateboard and bicycles, keeping in mind the measurements of trucks, boards, structures and wheels. Three combinations of the product were created thus allowing affordable customization by the user, a lower impact on the environment and versatility in production. All the dimensions of the product were design according to the principles of ergonomics to achieve comfort during use. It's powered by a brushless motor and uses lithium batteries, the structure is made of laminated guadua (Guadua angustifolia - similar to bamboo) and it has a GPS device. It is a product that stands out for its portability, customization and energy efficiency.

Poleka - App / Travel assistant
Poleka is the web page and app for mobile devices to aid in the planning of a route. It will be integrated to Smart Grids and related apps-such as Google Maps, Moovit, Waze, etc. It recommends the best routes using different types of transportation according to the preferences of the user thus supporting an strategic mobility in the city.

Kokora - Sales, customization and maintenance shop.
Kokora is a space for the user to be guided to the best-fitting product according to their usual routes in the city and personal tastes and see it assembled and ready to be used.


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