Crash Avoiding Automobile

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The Red vehicle shown in these slides is a totally custom, one of a kind automobile called Freedom1.

Freedom1 has a radically tapered front end , including the bumper, the hood and the nose. If this vehicle is about to collide with another vehicle or structure, all the driver must do is steer 6" off center and the vehicle will slide off the oncoming vehicle or structure, resulting in very minimal damage such as scraped paint. A full impact crash or collision is avoided. Even a pedestrian would be pushed aside rather than run over.

Due to the sharp angles on the front of the car, in order to be Crash Avoiding, a number of alterations were necessary to allow for the sleek front end. Both the hood and underside of the nose are dramatically pointed to allow for Crash Avoiding front end. The radiator, the fan and the A/C Condenser had to be mounted almost parallel with the ground. A large opening in the underside of the nose provides air intake for the radiator and A/C condenser.

Under the hood, there is 24" of clearance between the rear edge of the bumper and the front edge of the engine. This allows significant volume for crush-able materials and devices, thereby providing superior kinetic energy absorption to protect the running gear and the passengers.

In summary, this Crash Avoiding front end of this vehicle would totally minimize damage and injuries in a collision with another vehicle, structure or pedestrian. One can only imagine the billions of dollars in collision savings plus the thousands of personal injuries (even deaths) would be avoided if many of the vehicles on the road were designed like this Crash Avoiding Automobile.


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