Incorporation of Fuel Display Sensor in Automotive Vehicles

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Introduction :- Whenever we go to the fuel filling station we always feel cheated for e.g. filling of 5L fuel doesn’t show significance movement on fuel meter. We know these retail gas pumps are constantly inspected regularly by the government in the interest of consumer protection.

Many people have worked on this idea with mounting the fuel tank on load cells, but the cells must be protected from mud issues. Other was use of capacitive sensing used to measure  the fuel level in the tank.

Idea is to calculate fuel entering through the nozzle, fuel flow rate is specific to country. Measuring through nozzle – Volume of fuel flowed through the fuel tank nozzle can be calculated by below formula :-

Q = A · v, which means that the volume of fluid passing through a pipe is equal to the cross-sectional area of the pipe (A) times the average velocity of the fluid (v);
W = r · Q, which means that the mass flow of fluid passing through a flowmeter (A) is equal to the fluid density (r) times the volume of the fluid (Q). 

Fuel Filling rate varies from country to country (US 13 US Gallon/Min)


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    Everytime we feel cheated while refilling the fuel at station. This enabled that something should be done to get design more robust and clear.
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