Two stroke oil

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The two cycle internal combustion engines could become widely used in the automobile market, if two main goals were achieved:

- maintain its original simplicity
- eliminate the pollution inherent to the concept

Since 1992 I've been studying, prototyping and patenting ideas concerning the possibility of the return of two cycle engines to mainstream transportation means. My first patent was filed in Brasil and also before the USPTO.

One new patent describes a lubricant oil for use in regular nowadays two cycle engines. Such oil is also flammable and being so, it disappears at the moment of combustion, thus eliminating the pollution expected for regular two stroke engines. Is a very good option for two stroke engines used in lawn-mowers, snowmobiles, outboard engines for boats and any other machine that needs power in terms of an internal combustion engine...

For those who understand that the regular ancient design of the two stroke engines is the most simple solution this oil is the answer for achieving cleaner exhaust emissions.

As I develop the prototype for the oil I understand that it can be a a general-purpose oil for any fuel because it also acts as fuel stabilizer.


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