Location Based Speed Control System

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In today's world many road accidents are occurring due to speeding. We see many people in our daily life, that they are not following traffic rules and not observing the speed limit. Although it was mentioned on the speed limit board. To avoid accidents up to some extent, we are introducing a system called "Location Based Automatic Speed Control System" (LBASCS).

By using this system we can automatically control the speed of the automobiles. In this system we install a micro controller with RFID antenna at the speed limit board or other place. The automobiles are connected with an ECU (Electronic Control Unit), which is additionally connected with an RFID antenna to receive the signal from the transmitters, which are installed at the speed limit boards and some other places.

The micro controller which is used as a transmitter is programmed or connected to a chip to work according to our standards. Then the transmitter sends signals continuously in that particular region of its range. When an automobile with ECU having antenna to receive signals is entered the region of speed limit, then it receives the signals from transmitter and the ECU adjusts the speed of the vehicle by decreasing the fuel flow and ignition timings.

The vehicle in this region can't move beyond the speed specified by the transmitter. After leaving this zone or area, the vehicle can move with its maximum speed.

By using this system the speed of the automobile can be regulated at the desired locations and areas such as at school zones, hospitals, accident prone areas and at busy areas etc....

With the help of this system the rate of road accidents can be reduced to a great extent and we can save many lives. Along with this we have some advantages: we can easily track the speed of the vehicle continually and its location also, by using its serial no of the RFID.


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