Intelligent Traffic Light

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The next step for a more “intelligent” traffic control system is to make the traffic light communicate with the cars. Now it sends a message to the drivers through color light, it signals to the driver, 3 options in a standard accepted format: green, yellow and red. But, what if it can give more information to the cars, via radio, and in both directions.

The traffic light is more than 100 years old. What if the traffic light can have feedback regarding how many cars are approaching, in which directions, where they are headed, at what speed? This will help driverless vehicles.

When a big truck is blocking visibility, is it convenient to change lane? How to make a decision if we don’t see the traffic line? This will help reduce emissions, by having cars moving, and less time stopped.

This can give information regarding driving conditions, and better alternatives in case of an accident or construction work. The same system can help people with poor or no sight, and make alarms for the ones using a cell phone, on street corners. In case of poor visibility, the streets that run east-west have a problem in the morning or in the afternoon when the sun is at the same height as the traffic light.

The proposal is to have a better tool to drive, and have more options for today’s traffic problems.


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