Cell Phone With Breathe Analyzer

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Cell phone with breathe analyzer, US Patent 8,560,010 utility patent, is designed to test a driver's breathe for alcohol before driving a vehicle.

It works by breathing or speaking into the phone before driving. The first screen you enter phone numbers of people you should not call while you have been drinking. Ex-spouse or girlfriends, family members, your boss, certain friends and acquaintances, co- workers , ect. Then save it.

The second screen you put in phone numbers of people you should call after drinking, a friend or family member, or a cab. Then save it.

The third screen shows your blood alcohol content and when you are over the legal limit to drive.

And finally it won't let you start your car.

This phone will have two sensors and the application in it. Both sensors are in the speaking part of the phone. One sensor is to detect the blood alcohol content. and the other sensor detects the outside temperature since the reading the blood alcohol content detection is affected by the temperature.

The cell phone with breathe analyzer has universal uses. It can be used by companies, teenage drivers, repeat DUI offenders, and the general public who may drink and drive.

This invention will save money, injuries, and lives. 10,000 people die in the US every year because of drunk driving. That's one every 1 hour and 53 minutes. 28 a day, and untold injuries. Drunk driving costs $800 per adult, even though they themselves had not been driving drunk. It is estimated that 32 billion dollars a year are lost because of drunk driving.

The patented cell phone with breathe analyzer will save embarrassment, money, injuries, and lives.


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