Ultravoilet Pathogen Aspirator

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Ultraviolet Pathogen Aspirator is designed for mass transit and high density urban population zones where commutable diseases are easily transmitted. Crowded subway cars, buses, and airplanes are where people are most vulnerable to catching a cold, flu, and other airborne viruses.

Unlike paper masks which offer little protection for microscope organics which easily pass through the paper fibers and can even build up on the exterior of the mask.

This mask contains no filter at all, only a specially designed diffuser housing which cause the air to flow freely and quietly past high intensity UV LEDs.
These LED are of a wavelength UV-A, UV-B which is known to destroy bacterial organisms, mold spores, and other airborne pathogens. The diffuser is opaque and designed to trap all UV light so that no exposure to the skin, face, or eyes is possible.

A small sensor circuit can detect air flow and regulate the UV LEDs for power efficiency. The circuit and power supply can be mounted inside the diffuser or externally for larger batteries when needed for transcontinental flights or other long duration of usage. The aspirator can work in 3 modes, inhale only, exhale only, or both. This way if you are sick you can set it to exhale only not to get your family members sick.

In short, when the wearer inhales air through the aspirator, any microscopic biologic is neutralized and rendered harmless. It is not designed for particulate or chemical protection.

Production costs should be minimal as components can be manufactured with all currently available processes.


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