Wind Technologies For Air Travel: Eco-airplane Using Wind Turbines

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The main idea of this project is use of wind turbines in the airplane design in order to reduce consumption of usual fuel types greatly.

As an example of airplane model I used Beechcraft Baroon 58. The Beechcraft Baron is a light-medium twin-engine piston aircraft originally developed by Beech Aircraft Corporation and currently manufactured by the Beechcraft Division of Raytheon Aircraft.

I’ve changed its twin 260 horsepower engine into one 520 in the middle of fuse. It’s only one active unit which will make the plane move.

Passive wind turbines are located on the left and right wings of the Beechcraft. They have the same type of action as usual wind turbine on the ground. They both are able to produce maximum theoretical power output P, which equals P=0.59pv^3*A, where v-wind velocity, p- ρ is air density, A-effective area of the disk. As a plane reaches usual Baroon 58 cruise speed at about 350 km/h, “passive” wind turbines will completely remove the need of usual fuel types for all the flight distance. Actually, if we use this formula, we can easily calculate the speed for 520 hpwr(387,4 kwt) output, if the effective area is A=?r^2 and radius is about 1,3 meters:
v=38.4 m/s=137.7 km/h

Stages of flight:
1) Rise and reaching the cruise speed
At this stage combined engine uses usual fuel to make the body of airplane move and also to make “passive” turbines move and start to produce electricity, so that with every extra km/h the need of fuel is reducing in geometrical progression.
2) The flight itself
All the flight distance at the cruise speed wind turbines will work to provide the active combined engine with power to rotate and move the airplane forward with the constant velocity.
3) Landing
At this stage energy receipt to the active engine will gradually decrease and the landing will pass smoothly.

What we get as a result:
1) Unlimited duration and distance of flight, depending only on airplane engine but not on fuel amount.
2) Cheap flight cost.
3) Environmental saving.
4) The simple way to reduce world use of fuel.
5) Simple compatibility with all types of airplanes.


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