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Urban city roads are crowded ,chaotic, dusty and polluted. While the two-wheeler gives you the comfort of squeezing through the traffic and reaching the destination faster, they are unsafe in case of accidents and the passengers are subject to polluted air and unpredictable weather conditions. Four-wheelers on the other hand come with great comfort and safety, but occupy a considerable amount of space on the road (most of the time for just a single passenger!).
The objective of my project is to design a three-wheeled urban vehicle for two passengers on-board, having compact design, good maneuverability, smaller footprint, most importantly combining the advantages of the car in terms of safety and comfort, without compromising on the joy of riding a bike.


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    Saifulla Shariff
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    Enhanced passenger safety and shear need for quick getaway in traffic conditions
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    Autocad (Design), Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator (rendering)
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