Electric Folding Bike

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Electric folding bike

The convenience of an electric motor on folding bike encourage us to take longer, more efficient bicycle trips without the consideration and fear in having to pedal all the way back. According to the 2009 National Household Travel Survey, half of all trips in the US are less than 3 miles.

Unlike other traditional bicycles, folding e-bikes are the easiest to get acquainted with. All we need is to take it out in an open space and go with the flow of riding it with thrill and passion.

One of the biggest reasons consumers have for owning a folding bike is the portability and ease of storage. We can easily fold the bike and it’s equipments in a neatly designed bag which we can then carry back home, or take with us on the bus. The best part is that we would not have to worry about finding parking. We can take it with us wherever we go therefore it eliminates the need of a lock. It's more like a companion that you explore with. Even if we run out of batteries, we can pack the bike in the folding bag and take other types of transportation to reach the desired destination.

Folding E bikes are run on powerful batteries, which last for a long period of time and hence do not pollute the environment like the traditional combustion engine. Being socially aware of others around you and using technology that does not harm the environment and the people around you is becoming common courtesy.

More than anything we are setting examples on how fun and efficient electric bikes can be. Even if we live over fifteen miles away from our job, an electric bike is still a great option! New Lithium batteries average about twenty miles on a single charge, and the average commuter travels 2-3 miles per day. If you're worried about a long distance ride, just bring the charger to the office and plug the battery in while you work! Even if we run out of juice, we can still pedal it like a regular bike.

With the advantages that range from portability to environmentally friendly, folding electric bicycles are meant for people of all ages. The bike comes within an economical budget, which can be a great alternative to those who need to commute a far distance without facing the issues of locking, parking and polluting the environment. The bike is also popular among the elderly people, who frequently go out to buy groceries or visit their friends. The folding electric bike is a must have for anyone in this 21st century.


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