Overhead Solar-Powered Fully Automated Driver-less Public Transportation Vehicles

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Electric, solar and renewable energy transportation systems are clean and green. The innovation shows Futuristic Smart vehicles in Smart cities. These Vehicles are fully automated and controlled via computers from stations. The vehicles required lightweight structure, low investments and have luxury ride.

These transportation systems are featured with flexible path, vacant seats, secured, lowest cost, luxurious look, less dense, lowest in maintenance and shared between all the public.

Two transportation systems types shown in images:
Motorbike Public Transpiration.
Electric Motorbikes are covered with cabin and has entrance – exit at rear or at sides.

Automated Futuristic Light Weight Car with Detachable Roof Public Transportation.
These vehicles have solar panels integrated in their detachable roof.

Common Parts of both transportation systems are:
1. Single or multiple Vehicles linked like railway or independent to each other.
2. Track lines in the air.
3. Covered path (optional).
4. Computer controlled (Electric powered like railway, other renewable energy source is in option).
5. Vacant Seats featured seats for real-time data of seat availability (optional).
6. Battery packs (optional).
7. App supported, GPS enabled Smartphone for call-in the vehicle and geographic location, travel distance units counting (optional).

8. Cloud computing medium connected to computer app, watch app and smartphone app for storage and exchange of recorded data or status from this transportation system (optional).
Beneath the tracks, roads are made for general vehicles. Tracks are able to be customised in every direction in any time because of Lego type joint configuration.


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