Solar Powered Automotive Interior Safety Vent

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The invention consists of converting at least one of the interior ventilation grills to use solar power to power a fan to draw heat from the vehicle in the effort to lower the internal passenger compartment temperature as well as create airflow. Using solar power separates the energy required so there is no concern of draining a car battery. A visual indicator could be placed on the vent, such as an LED to indicate safety system is ready as well as internal temperature.

The object of the invention is that no prep is required; the system will try to maintain a comfortable interior temperature so it is more pleasant getting back into the vehicle. The system also provides a safety benefit in that it will help maintain a lower temperature inside the vehicle while the vehicle is parked and the keys are not in the ignition.

The chart below shows how many child vehicular heatstroke deaths due to being left in a automobile. This solar power system could have a positive impact on these numbers, so in 2017 the number could be zero.


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