BluNet - Charging Infrastructure for Drones

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The problem

We are at the beginning of an era of transport revolution, in which home deliveries will be mainly carried out by drones. However, the battery capacity of drones sets a geographic limit on the reachable areas.

The solution

Imagine your drone making a delivery. When the battery is running out of charge, just send it to the nearest BluNet station and let our auto-pilot take care of its landing. The drone is charged by simply lying on our station. Finally, you get it back when already in the air, ready for the next shipment. Our service allows you to release any constraint on the warehouse location and to substantially extend the coverage area of your delivery service.

Who is this for?

We are a B2B oriented to home delivery companies. Around the world, many companies have already succeeded at performing home deliveries with drones: for some this is already their daily business, while other companies have still to wait for a more mature regulatory situation to come. Currently, Asia is the most welcoming region as for legislation. BulNet bets on the success of drone-driven deliveries, as a solution to the problems of urban overcrowding and pollution.


We want to assemble and install our charging stations on the roofs of large cities at our own expenses and then charge the user for the consumed electricity. The price for the withdrawn power will be scaled in order to be competitive on the market.



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    Domenico Crescenzo
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    Domenico Crescenzo - CEO & Co-founder Matteo Montecchia - R&D engineer & Co-founder Giacomo Pareschi - Data scientist & Co-founder Lorenzo Biacchi - Business developer & Co-founder
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    PhD Candidate
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    Our driver is providing innovative solutions that can help the society facing the upcoming challenges. We place the customer at the center of the development, shaping our solutions in order to meet his real needs and to be transparent and user-friendly.
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