The Ultimate Off-road Racer

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DUALITY was born with a great ambition: Becoming the first car in the world that fully meets requirements of an off-road and race car.

But how to harmonize these extremes? The vehicle has four sets composed for: Two tires (one off road and the other for high speeds), two hexagonal polymers (for high impact absorption), two wheels and six power cells. In addition, an articulated suspension allows the vehicle to switch between the modules off-road and high speed.

The advantages to having the motor inside the tire is to increase the internal space of the cabin and to lower the center of gravity ensuring greater stability to the vehicle.

To provide safety for people around the car when the off-road tires are running, the high speed tires are stopped and vice versa (like a fenders function).

A vehicle that delivers pure emotion! Imagine running on the high road and be able to leave the asphalt to jump in the mud without bogging down? Now you don´t need two cars to do it. Just the DUALITY!

Independent Suspension System for "on road" or "off road";
Electronic damper to change the damping as for "on road" or "off road";
Electro-hydraulic actuator to change the height of the suspension "on the road" to "off road" and vice versa;
Independent suspension with the vehicle stationary for tire maintenance lift.
Progressive power steering on the front wheels;
Vehicle batteries installed in the floor to lower the gravity center of the vehicle and improve the stability of direction;
Speed limiter to exchange standby.



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