Conceptual Design Of " THE-PUMA " Transport Hybrid High - PUMA

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THE-PUMA is innovative transportation that considers the welfare of people and the environment. In this transportation system capsules circulate through high and safe rails. The innovation is the displacement system for the capsules to be forwarded to the station or leaving without interrupting the movement of the capsules.

Furthermore the capsules would have a human and propulsion system with an electric motor assisted that allow the user to exercise while transported . This would allow the user first instance , breaking the sedentary lifestyle and would be beneficial to your health. Secondly it also helps reduce pollution levels have driven alternative energy capsules which elevated tracks would move in helping to reduce traffic.

On the other hand, these capsules would cabin and separate pedal for the safety of users, allowing users to choose whether pedaling at a different pace, so does the user decide if he wants to make conversation with his traveling companion through a double window of security. With this level of security would reduce the harassment of people and stealing passersby as they would have metal detectors at the entrance of the stations of the transport system. Also, the capsule, would have a touch screen to connect to the network, allowing the user to organize their tasks, while pedaling driving the capsule.

As for the park, these each 5Km be located in order to promote the exercise of users while being transported. Another advantage of these stations is to have a structural dome to place solar cells and capture solar energy for use of the transport system. These stations have a futuristic look and friendly to the environment.

To access the transport stations , it would be reserved via the Internet in order to plan the trip and not saturate the seasons. As for how to make the user actually pedaled while being transported, it would be done through an electronic card where the balance would be consumed if no pedaling.

Security of THE-PUMA is essential, therefore, the travel speed would be 40 km / hr, also the tracks have the sides a housing shaped C for tires guides ensure the capsule so that no pull off the road. The cabin of each capsule would open only at the station or with a master key. As for the distance must be maintained between each capsule, it would 3m and if too close proximity brakes would trigger. The whole transport system would be monitored to avoid any incident. There would be a cap-tractor to drive up to 10 capsules in case they stop to stay for any failure.

The Puma would have a great logistics for bull capsules, also have the possibility of fully electric capsules could circulate for 10 passengers, responding to the demands of older people. It also could be used for The-Puma transiting some emergency bodies responding promptly to emergency calls. The versatility of transport would build transportation networks that connect to large corporations, schools or hospitals



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    Armando Sanchez
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    I inspire to improve the living conditions of people through this design because I think THE- Puma would be beneficial to the health of people if they perform exercise while being transported in a safe way and with no traffic, other help improve environment.
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