Complete Wheelchair - Stand, Move & Shift To & From Bed With Ease

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To Provide a Wheelchair :

-Which is manufactured using off the shelf parts (keeps costs low, parts available everywhere, serviceable anywhere ).

-Which reduces user’s dependency on others for his/ her day to day household activities to the maximum extent.

Our Product

Manufactured using off the shelf parts (Mostly Bicycle Parts + Car Screw Jack) – Helps in keeping costs low, Bicycle Parts and Car Screw jack available everywhere and can be repaired by any roadside mechanic.

Product Capabilities

-Ability to stand & reach objects beyond reach :
Provided using screw jack assisted standing mechanism.

-Ability to move in standing position :
Provided using a chain-sprocket & lever drivetrain mechanism.

-Ability to easily shift to and from bed :
Provided using adjustable seat height.

Safety Features

- Brakes provided on hand levers.

- Sufficiently wide footprint (four wheels- 2 drive, 2 castors ) for stability.

Benefits of using our product

Simple day to day activities like:

- Getting Clothes , Some other stuff from wardrobe/ Almirah.
- Preparing Tea / Food.
- Talking to others on an eye to eye level.
- Working on a platform at some height.
- Getting in and out of the wheelchair to bed with ease.
-Can now be performed by the user himself/herself.

- The person can also gain some meaningful employment as he/she can stand and move around and work.



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