Small High Definition Video Camera in Automobiles

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Install a small high definition security camera (preferably 360° or 2x 180°) inside and high above close to where the rear view mirror is installed in automobiles (e.g. Cars, Trucks, Buses and SUVs). The camera should be able to monitor both the inside and outside movements or activities in the car. These activities can be recorded and can also be accessed by the owner using smart phones by logging in an App (with provider) through User ID and password.

1. Car Accidents – Easier to determine the cause or fault by viewing or replaying the recorded activities.

2. Insurance Claims – Legitimate insurance claims can be made using the recorded incidents. Insurance companies will be able to easily determine legitimate from fraudulent damage claims from evidence on the recorded incident(s).

3. Car Thefts - A deterrent, having access to the HD Security Camera using smart phones, owner can view “on-time” the person who stole and driving his/her car. The owner can even take a snap shot and send the picture(s) of the thief/thieves to the police at the time when he/she reports that the car is stolen.

4. Lesser Crimes – Criminals will be easily identified from the recorded incident , they will think twice committing the crimes if they know there will be camera’s watching them and they will be easily apprehended/identified.

5. Parental Monitoring – Parents will be able to monitor and see instantaneously their teen-age children while they driving. Parents will be able to see what their children are doing and who they’re with and most importantly if they are safe.


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