Bed On Wheels-accomodation For Rickshaw Drivers

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Rickshaws play an important role in the era of transportation, especially in developing countries like India. It is very popular because it is cheap and can be used in congested places full of traffic.

Most of the rickshaws are run by men coming from backward rural areas.They usually keep their families in the villages because of the obvious reason that daily expenses in cities are much higher as compared to villages. The biggest problem they face after coming to cities is accommodations. They work 12-15 hours a day and in dire need of rest, they usually stay in shared rental spaces. These places are unhygienic and put up a significant burden on their pocket as well. In a city like Delhi, these places cost around $10 per month in which 10-15 people sleep in one single room.The idea of "Bed on Wheels" is to give them a bed on their rickshaw. They can sleep peacefully at night, all they have to do is find a suitable parking. They can even use it for a small nap during the day if they feel like. The implementation is very easy as it is a small setup that can easily fit on an existing rickshaw.

The plan is to use it as an emergency ambulance also, but that is under testing.


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