Extra Spotlights with Xenon or Laser Lamps

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For all cars, I introduced a patented Extra Spotlights with Xenon or Laser Lamps to strengthen and increase the power of lighting used now, with no interference of the driver's vision, to stop accidents at night. The World Health Organization issued a report in 2014 placing Egypt  first in the world in road accidents; as a result of 13 thousand dead and 17 billion pounds annual losses, and this continues to grow so this is an important invention to Egypt and the world.

The second significance of this invention is the practical solution for reducing light pollution to the environment resulting from night lighting systems now used in all the cars. A lighting fixture center (Projectors and LEDs) in front of the vehicle directly light comes out strongly random non-specific in every direction until the sky has an impact on the darkness of the sky and the cause of climate change. These problems are of interest to the whole world now.

The use of additional advanced lighting in places and there is snow on the ground heavily very useful because it reflects the light in the land area only because of the exit of light in a horizontal level. Lighting system nights cape user now is in all cars combination at the forefront of automotive important reason in the light reflection from the snow as evidenced by the presence of sun in the sky reflected on the snow next to the real sun in several countries such as Canada's skies in the recent period and the pictures accompanying this clear is this invention the right solution for the reflection of the forces of ice car lights and increasingly frequently with significant expansion in the production of cars and this increases global warming and the speed of turning the snow to water and rising rivers and seas.

Received a patent on a final number 26771 for the year 2011 from the Academy of Scientific Research in Cairo.

This invention relates to manufacturing and installing two extra spotlights for improving lighting for the vehicles of all types. They are to be installed at the rear quarter of a vehicle at its lower part that is the nearest to the ground in addition to the already current lighting at its front. They are designed to conceal the strong light of the xenon or laser lamps for avoiding the blurred sight for both vehicles and pedestrians around which due to the existence of lights at the front side only.

The invention embodiment was developed by and through me to be hidden inside the vehicle body at its lower rear quarter.



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    According to the RAC, a driver recovering from being dazzled for five seconds while driving at 60mph, would cover a distance of 134m – more than the length of a football pitch.
    Among the 88% who think at least some modern car headlights are too bright, RAC road safety spokesman, said: “The intensity and brightness of some new car headlights is clearly causing difficulty for other road users.
    So, This is the first invention of a kind to develop the installation of the night lighting system (strong lamps) in the foreground directly since the invention of the first car in 1886 to now,Where the light of, like a shot with random force in all directions without control at a speed of 300,000 m/s to hit the optic nerve force of the person or animals are not qualified to bear this strong blow and cannot tolerate and temporary blindness is the main reason to increase nighttime accidents.
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