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Navigation of things (NoT)
The foundation of the whole system are G modules which contain subsystems like GSM, WiFi, ethernet. The satellite navigation subsystem (GPS) is the primary source of information about the location of the G2 module, which is sent to other subsystems.
1. Each device containing a G module communicates via GSM or WiFi or Ethernet with other devices or the Home Computer (a kind of information exchange centre) on the assumption that every telegram (including location data and commands or information about the execution of the command) must be confirmed by a return telegram on acceptance or execution.
2. Each family or group member having a G module is able to issue commands to subject devices or the Home Computer which oversees the execution of commands.
Example of use:
- Communication with drones – give the current location – fly to the given point or take and deliver the consignment.
- Command to a lawnmower – make a notice on the front lawn saying ‘Welcome’, family (guests) are about to come.


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