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Game discovery is patently broken. This makes it difficult for gamers to find/buy quality games, and for indie studios to sell their games. ProjectMQ solves both problems by curating the best indie games from around the world.

The Hitchnic Table is the first ultra-portable picnic table that takes up no room in your vehicle and provides extra storage space functioning as a cargo rack. The goal with this project was to make the outdoors more accessible, and to make eating outside, a lot more comfortable.

The 3Dvarius is an electric violin created by 3D printing technology and based on the model of a real Stradivarius violin. Printed as a single piece, the 3Dvarius violin departs from traditional musical instrument production technology.

Combining the precision and power of 3D-printing with ancient violin-making skills,

When we pour a liquid into a bottle/container using a funnel, the air inside the bottle tries to escape, but since the funnel is plugged on to the opening of the bottle, it becomes difficult for it to do so.

The Polariton Interferometer was first developed as a novel quantum sensor, and is poised to be a strong competitor in the technology market driving consumer products. The Polariton Interferometer utilizes exciton-polariton matter waves to determine motion, introducing a paradigm shift for image stabilization technologies.

G.S Packaging system means GARAI SOMNATH packaging system. It will create a revolution in packaged food. It will create huge jobs, growth G.D.P and change economic condition of a country. It is an examined process.

In whole world many traditional sweets,

Although various three-dimensional technologies have been developed in recent years, few are able to display real time 3D images and video from any angle in the same way an object would appear to us in the real world.

Aisthesis in ancient Greek means "perception" and perception is the result of information received through the five senses. Imagine a device that stimulates all 5 senses, which send us the feeling of being in another place, to "teleport" us elsewhere. This is Aisthesis.

This portable all in one drip system allows the user to brew Coffee, Tea, and Hot chocolate. Just add hot water!

1- Compartment to hold coffee, tea, and cocoa bags
2- Compartment to hold sweeteners.

There is so much unused diffused heat around us - human body, warm jacket, cat coat, off fixture, cup of coffee. The idea of the device is that the heat collected and concentrated again to spread the warmth flow.

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