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Game discovery is patently broken. This makes it difficult for gamers to find/buy quality games, and for indie studios to sell their games. ProjectMQ solves both problems by curating the best indie games from around the world. We've built an invitation-only social media app where our users can discover high-definition multimedia from the best indie games worldwide. ProjectMQ works on any device, so our users can enjoy our app anytime, anywhere. ProjectMQ creates a unique social experience for gamers that's entertaining and informative.

ProjectMQ tailors the media experience for each user through a robust content discovery system. We've designed ProjectMQ to integrate with 3rd party sites (Amazon, Gamestop, etc.) via APIs, which helps convert user media consumption into ...

The Hitchnic Table is the first ultra-portable picnic table that takes up no room in your vehicle and provides extra storage space functioning as a cargo rack. The goal with this project was to make the outdoors more accessible, and to make eating outside, a lot more comfortable. In today's culture, many activities revolve around food and eating. This is true whether you are tailgating, camping, or just enjoying a picnic with family and friends. Currently you have a few options, none of which are terribly convenient. First, you can spread out a blanket. This certainly has its place but it starts to lose its charm as the group grows and the terrain becomes more rugged. Another way is ...

The 3Dvarius is an electric violin created by 3D printing technology and based on the model of a real Stradivarius violin. Printed as a single piece, the 3Dvarius violin departs from traditional musical instrument production technology.

Combining the precision and power of 3D-printing with ancient violin-making skills, its innovative design, in the service of violinist, marks a further step toward the perfect symbiosis between musician and instrument.

The 3Dvarius was born digitally in 2012, in Laurent Bernadac’s mind, the violinist and engineer who conceived it. Laurent wanted to create an electric violin which could fulfill all the needs of a classical musician. His goal was to create an electric violin in perfect symbiosis with the musician.

He created 2 ...

When we pour a liquid into a bottle/container using a funnel, the air inside the bottle tries to escape, but since the funnel is plugged on to the opening of the bottle, it becomes difficult for it to do so. Since the mildly pressurized air inside the bottle imposes a back pressure for the fluid, the rate of filling becomes restricted. If the shape of the funnel stem is made as shown in the figure, the escape of trapped air becomes easy and enables rapid filling. The same applies to many situations, ranging from filling gasoline into a car tank or kerosene in to a ...

The Polariton Interferometer was first developed as a novel quantum sensor, and is poised to be a strong competitor in the technology market driving consumer products. The Polariton Interferometer utilizes exciton-polariton matter waves to determine motion, introducing a paradigm shift for image stabilization technologies. These waves induce an interference pattern that allows the rotational rate of the device to be detected as the measurement output, effectively constituting a quantum inertial sensor. This emerging field of technology, polaritonics, will form the basis of an entirely new industry. The Polariton Interferometer utilizes a unique quantum state known as a “vortex superposition.” The vortex superposition eliminates the area dependence from the equations that describe motion. Other measurement instruments often require bulky and ...

G.S Packaging system means GARAI SOMNATH packaging system. It will create a revolution in packaged food. It will create huge jobs, growth G.D.P and change economic condition of a country. It is an examined process.

In whole world many traditional sweets, foods are present which are not marketing at outside of production area for it’s a little shelf life and its mortality. In India hundreds of same products are present in various state. We can packaging these product by this innovative process and marketing among deferent state of India and export in deferent country. For it man will get to take taste of various food.

A vacuum packaging machine with nitrogen/C02 filling system is required for this packaging system. ...

Although various three-dimensional technologies have been developed in recent years, few are able to display real time 3D images and video from any angle in the same way an object would appear to us in the real world. The new concept is a true three-dimensional display that allows users to view moving objects from any angle with the unaided eye, simply by walking around them as you would if you were looking at real 3D objects. I have invented a 3D Volumetric Display with clear picture and super clear depth; it has a 360 degree horizontal and 270 degree vertical viewing angle. New 3D volumetric display is entirely different from existing 3D TVs which produce translucent images even if ...

Aisthesis in ancient Greek means "perception" and perception is the result of information received through the five senses. Imagine a device that stimulates all 5 senses, which send us the feeling of being in another place, to "teleport" us elsewhere. This is Aisthesis.

Born as a travel device that during a flight, a trip by car or train, allows us to enjoy a new dimension of relaxation, separating us from the outside world and making us a unique travel experience in the journey.

We only have to choose a capsule theme, containing all the information, the tastes, the smells and the sounds of the chosen destination and insert it into the docking station of Aisthesis.

In a moment we ...

This portable all in one drip system allows the user to brew Coffee, Tea, and Hot chocolate. Just add hot water!

1- Compartment to hold coffee, tea, and cocoa bags
2- Compartment to hold sweeteners.
3- Compartment to hold paper filters
4- Compartment to hold stirrers
5- Compartment to hold napkins
6- Supports two cup sizes with included riser
7- A handle for easy transportation.

I needed a hot beverage in a cold day, trying to make a choice between Coffee, Tea,or Hot chocolate, I started looking for the coffee and see if I have a filter and sweeter and to my disappointment I discovered that my coffee maker is not working. I started thinking, if I have ...

There is so much unused diffused heat around us - human body, warm jacket, cat coat, off fixture, cup of coffee. The idea of the device is that the heat collected and concentrated again to spread the warmth flow. This could be created with a high surface area glass apparatus filled with heat sink material.

In this device there are three intervened elements that with energy pulsators help absorb and distribute heat . Energy pulsator consisting of nano-robots regulate heat and power processes aids.

This heating device can be used as an interior accent to public use ...

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