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Card On Guard is a lightweight, thin and self-sustaining solar card that captures, magnifies and reemits UV and Infrared light that inhibits bacteria and fungi growth replacing 50% - 100% of traditional pool/hot tub chemicals. The design provides the solar card with as much direct contact with the water and light as possible...via a set of internal weights and floats, the card floats upright exposing both sides to the sun and is propelled through and around the pool by the "shark fin" design that catches moving air.

All products in the pool water treatment industry are either chemical or electrical equipment based. They also lack aesthetic appeal. This is our first consumer product, and it is our intention to demonstrate the power, safety and ease of use of photonics based solutions. Because it is a completely new technology it needed to be approachable versus intimidating. Card On Guard utilizes a design that addressed the issues that this is a card that guards your water against bacteria AND the chemicals you normally use to kill that bacteria with a design that is appealing. The design emphasizes effectiveness without getting into lengthy scientific explanations.

The benefits are numerous:

Ease of Use: Simply place Card On Guard in a pool or hot tub and it begins to work. Less time is spent managing free chlorine and pH levels and corrosion prone parts need less attention.

Performance: Inhibits bacteria by a minimum 50% and often 90-100%.

More Enjoyable Bathing Experience: Reducing chlorine and other chemicals typically used reduces the “chlorine smell” and other chemical side effects.

Healthier Bathing Experience: Chloramines and other chemical side effects are linked to skin irritation and breathing disorders. Less chemicals reduces these risks.

More Environmentally Friendly Solutions: Card On Guard reduces the amount of Chloramines, a byproduct of chlorine, released into the air that is toxic to the environment. Also, Card On Guard treated water which is unused is safer to release and dispose of.

Affordability: Card On Guard pays for itself in a matter of months or even weeks from reduced chemical and part corrosion expenses

Enough energy comes from the sun in 1 hour to meet the world’s energy needs for 1 year. Collecting, storing and using a fraction of it can provide 100% clean, constantly renewing energy in addition to replacing many other energy dependent processes. The problem has been that expensive, bulky, difficult to operate and maintain and inefficient equipment has been necessary to harness it…until now.

Card On Guard is just the beginning of the products we will produce…but it is the perfect one to demonstrate the incredible power, versatility and functionality of what is to come. We will use the financial resources gained from the sales of Card On Guard to fund product development in food preservation, agriculture, animal and even human healthcare applications. Photonics is in our time what electricity was a century ago and will be one of the leading growth industries of the future.

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