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Aisthesis in ancient Greek means "perception" and perception is the result of information received through the five senses. Imagine a device that stimulates all 5 senses, which send us the feeling of being in another place, to "teleport" us elsewhere. This is Aisthesis.

Born as a travel device that during a flight, a trip by car or train, allows us to enjoy a new dimension of relaxation, separating us from the outside world and making us a unique travel experience in the journey.

We only have to choose a capsule theme, containing all the information, the tastes, the smells and the sounds of the chosen destination and insert it into the docking station of Aisthesis.

In a moment we will be catapulted in Japan, sipping tea in a garden in the shade of cherry trees in bloom, or reach in an instant the Caribbean beaches, where our shoulders are gently massaged while the sound of the ocean lull us.

Aisthesis: teleportation exists.


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    Tommaso Balladore
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    the desire to create a device that improves the quality of existing and future trips
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