InstaShake™ - Make Your Instant Drink Instantly, with 21st century self-dissolving eco-friendly packaging

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The first instant drink and supplement preparation system that enables you to “Make Your Instant Drink Instantly" with 21st century self-dissolving packaging technology.

The current ways of preparing instant drinks and supplements are messy, time-consuming, and wasteful. InstaShake™ solves all of these issues.

Aren’t you sick and tired of the mess you end up generating, while making your “instant” drink of protein powder, energy supplement, probiotic blend, milk, chocolate milk, vanilla shake, etc?

Aren’t they inconvenient to measure out, easy to spill while pouring into a cup or blender, hard to dissolve, and a pain to clean up afterwards?

And it’s not much better with pre-measured pouches either - they spill easily when opening, and you’re left with a pouch to dispose too.


This innovation combines three proven, commercially available components in a unique configuration that has never been done before:

Component 1: Powdered instant protein blends, energy supplements, dry milk, chocolate milk, vanilla shake - and all other similar products - are packaged in hermetically sealed packets, made of FDA approved, transparent EDIBLE film.

Component 2: Quick blend shaker bottles, to use both as the retail package that contains the pouches AND a really easy and fun way to make instant drinks instantly. They are BPA free and fully recyclable.

Component 3: Clear shrink film sleeve, covering about 80% of the blender bottle’s surface from bottom up, to display brand, graphic, and textual information in a way that leaves plenty of clear area for customers to see the product inside. It also locks and tamper-proofs the shaker.


It’s easy. Instant. Fun too!

1. Remove the top and put 1 packet for 8 oz instant drink into the shaker, or 2 pouches for 16 ounces.

2. Next, fill it with cold or hot water to the 8 or 16 oz mark. Insert the mixer disk and screw the top on tight.

3. Shake till there is no residue left at the bottom or longer - it’s magical to watch as the pouch disappears!

4. Drink straight from the shaker or pour into cups. Either way, enjoy!


InstaShake™ will be beneficial the following ways:

1. By saving preparation time and effort for millions of people every day.

2. By keeping the environment safe from garbage, generated by messy preparation, plastic and composite aluminum foil cans and pouches.

3. By contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.


HIP Gastroplex is a division of Hashema International Partners, founded in 1979. We develop new foods and processes that address large markets, are environmentally friendly, and contribute to sustainability. Examples include:

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A new natural sweetener that replaces sugar 1 to 1.

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