Hot Utensil Holder

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In the kitchen there is a problem of putting down hot utensils without a proper holder and mostly people use either a cloth piece or a conventional hot utensil holder but there is always a risk of sliding of hot utensils when someone uses a cloth piece or conventional holder. This product can solve this common problem with its very unique design.

How will this work?

In this product there will be a extension spring and two anti heat cloth pieces. These cloth pieces will be attached with this spring according to the diagram. The surface of these cloth pieces will be rough. (In the diagram the black and blue sketch indicating extension spring and pink sketch is indicating anti heat cloth pieces.) The width of this spring will be 1cm. to 1.5 cm and length will be as per requirement. The spring will be made from stainless steel and will be lightweight.

Unique Features:

(1) This product will be easier to use than a conventional hot utensil holder. The rough surface will be an advantage to hold the hot utensils firmly.
(2) There will be no risk of catching fire. When someone uses a cloth piece then there is always a risk of catching fire through the cloth piece.
(3) Due to the extension spring this product can be used for different sizes of utensils. This will be washable and take less space in the kitchen.
(4) The market potentiality is very vast for this product because this kind of product is not available in the market to solve this common problem of every kitchen. Conventional holder will be replaced when people will use this product.


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