SaferEx - Water Purifier

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SaferEx - water purifier is an innovative multi-action and safe colourless liquid that purifies contaminated borehole and well groundwater,makes it safe for drinking and other industrial,hygiene and sanitation uses. It effectively and economically purifies contaminated fresh and salt borehole/well water; kills pathogens,sediments particles,heavy metals and salts,on single application,for easy removal by decantation and filtration. It is formulated from refined, cheap and regular potable water treatment chemical raw materials. It has been confirmed efficient in killing harmful microbes (bacteria,viruses and protozoa) in water; sedimenting suspended particles and metals that cause water hardness (Calcium,Magnesium) and staining (Iron,Manganese),salts,among others,when added and mixed with the unsafe water. It brings the pH of highly acidic and alkaline water to towards/close pH7. It forms a cloudy solution with certain impure water (sediments impurities)and clear solution with pure water (without sediments),therefore can be used to preliminarily detect safe and certain unsafe water instantly.

How to use
>Take one capful or 5ml for 20 litres of water or
>1 part: 1000 parts of water for high contamination
>Drop or add into empty container then pour in the groundwater (where stirring may be difficult).
>Cover and ensure proper mixing by stirring or shaking
>Allow to stay still for about 1- 6 hours for full noticeable sedimentation and clarification (determined by contaminant type)
>Pour off or filter the top clear water part and dispose the bottom.
>Keep filtered purified water covered for drinking and other uses.
Please Note:
(1). SaferEx when used for medium/large scale water purification needs composite/micro filters and the process is continuous.
(2). The borehole/well groundwater should be analyzed prior to treatment to determine the water contaminants.
(3). SaferEx is not toxic in its unadulterated state and in water.
(4). It is being tested in industrial wastewater with heavy organic solvents and pesticides (under study).
(5). Has not been tested in water with radionuclide/radioactive contaminants.

SaferEx is formulated and produced from refined regular non-toxic water treatment chemicals/ingredients used for private and public potable water treatment and by simple mixing reaction.

In Nigeria, researchers found out that over 60% of the population depend on groundwater as borehole and well water which are mostly contaminated. Many people in Africa and other developing countries also depend on same type of groundwater. The market is a large but I will start from my locality as;
Individual homes and riverine dwellers - they have intermittent and chronic waterborne diseases; diarrhea,cholera,typhoid fever,dysentery,etc and related sicknesses from pathogenic contaminants and high blood pressure,Hypertension,etc from drinking salty groundwater. They spend much in laundry soaps and stain removers as a result of water hardness and staining. Their healthcare bills from treating waterborne diseases and sicknesses keep rising. Many have died from waterborne and related sicknesses.
Corporate organizations and Industries that depend on groundwater - they spend more money and time to remove contaminants and salts from groundwater and suffer equipment damages from salt fouling and other impurities.


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    Our researches for over 10 years and other researches’ data have it that over 85 million Nigerians depend on borehole/well water for drinking, sanitation and hygiene uses due to lack of public pipe borne water.
    Over 50 million of them battle with unsafe borehole/well water as alarmingly analyzed to contain pathogens, heavy metals ions, suspended particles and salts without getting safe water.
    Some of them boil water at high costs and environmental pollution, use filters, alum, disinfectants (Waterguard, WaterCare or waterSafe, Hypo/Bleach, etc - (Sodium Hypochlorite based water disinfectants) which only disinfects the unsafe water.
    Buy "treated" water or use combinations, but these solutions leave one or more of the discovered contaminants unattended.

    (1). Children under 5 years die in large numbers in Nigeria from waterborne diseases (typhoid fever, diarrhea, cholera, etc) caused by unsafe water and sanitation.
    (2). A good number of adults also suffer from waterborne diseases (typhoid fever,
    diarrhea, cholera, etc), and deaths by unsafe water and sanitation.
    (3). Salt-activated high blood pressure/hypertension from constant drinking of
    salt water.
    (4). High cost of laundry and shortened lifespan of clothes by use of hard and
    staining water.
    (5). Skin problems.
    (6). High medical bills from treatments of waterborne diseases.

    WaterAid Nigeria ( research shows that;
    (A). "In Nigeria, around 45,000 children under five years old die every year from diarrhea
    caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation"
    (B). "57 million people in Nigeria do not have access to safe water"
    (B). "Over 130 million people don't have access to adequate sanitation in Nigeria, two thirds of
    the population"
    Institute Water for Africa ( also states,
    "At present, over 300 million people have no access to clean water in Africa, i.e. more than 40% the total population. Over 60% of the population have no access to sanitation. The growth of the population will increase the water consumption and water shortage will get worse."
    In a bid to solve the above unsafe water problems found from my over 10 years experience, I researched, developed and manufactured this innovative solution, SaferEx - Multi-action Water Purifier.
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