Hercules Helmet Football

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In response to the failure of football helmets to protect and their dangerous qualities of inflicting hard hits ...we designed Hercules Helmet for Football.

The separate force absorbing cells are suspended in a frame that allows them to be softer when hitting others and more effective in protection.

Covered by a thin flexible plastic, the cells can cycle through compression for a full 2 inch travel.

The sharp peak G forces are reduced and time of direction change is spread out over a longer time period.

The soft cell concept reduces recoil to a minimum...again lowering peak G forces.

The frame will provide support in situations of long term pressure..like a player pile on .

Most importantly we designed away from the hard outside shell...!

This design can prevent millions of concussions on the field in the next decade.

Thank you,

G. Malcolm Brown


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    George Brown
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    Safer head protection for contact sports.
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    CAD assisted by APPLICO Engineering
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