Sensus Nonverbal Language Learning

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As technology changes our lives, it also changes us. Technology has become embedded deeply within our lives, it is part of our everyday communication, from simple text messages to social media. Digital communication is changing the way that we communicate to others, not only through technology but face to
face as well. Research, through interviews and literature reviews, suggests that people today are less in tune with their emotions and other people's emotions. They are less able to read body language and facial expressions, and are forming barriers between themselves and the real world in order to avoid face to face interactions with others. What does this mean for the future of communication? Will there be a generational gap who cannot communicate to each other? Or will we become blind to the unsaid emotions of the people around us?

Sensus is a nonverbal language learning system. It is a novel concept which aims to teach and educate people who want to develop their ability to perform and read nonverbal skills such as hand gestures facial expressions microposture micromotions (which allow our body to speak) through a wearable.The sensus system is designed for users between the ages of 16 to 30 years old, who find that their quality of life and communication skills are unsatisfactory or holding them back from fully expressing themselves or understanding the people around them. The sensus nonverbal language learning system consists of three wearable components:

1. Visual sensor 2. Gesture sensor 3. Feedback sensor These components are connected to the Sensus software, a combination of gesture and facial recognition software, which through feedback from the Visual sensor will be able to reliably detect and understand the natural microexpressions of humans. The Sensus software will also interpret the data from the gesture sensor, about the user's movements, gestures and posture, and through a comparison the software will be able to determine whether the user is reacting with the appropriate nonverbal language. Depending on the user's performance, feedback through bone conduction vibration will be given, through the feedback sensor. The sensus system will be manufactured with skin friendly, chemically stable plastics, brushed aluminum and etched glass. These materials will allow for a durable product which can withstand the everyday impacts of being body worn as well as having a light environmental impact, and the ability to be recycled at the end of product life.
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