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A new simple, affordable and smart anti-flood plug. This will flood-proof and make your home safer in a truly remarkable way and is designed to fit any standard sink.
A turn of a screw sets the safe level of water you want in your sink. When that level is exceeded the mechanism will automatically flip-open and allow the water to safely drain away.
No plumbing No mess No worries.
Unlike other far more expensive anti-flood devices costing hundreds of pounds, it doesn't have to be plumbed in to the sink, it's totally mobile. If you move house you simply take it with you and set it to the level you require for you new sink.
We all know how it is. As much as we may try to keep our house safe we all get distracted every now and then especially children left alone in the bathroom or perhaps senior citizens who may have some memory loss issues, chances are at some stage in our lives distractions will happen more often than not.
Manufactured in sparkling plastic and chrome plated brass it looks great and as it has no mechanical parts will not break or malfunction.
Suitable not only for family homes but also for hotels, apartments, offices, and for care facilities where it would help people to lead a more independent and safer lifestyle, and for so many other cases where it can be a simple solution for a potentially very serious problem.



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