Technology Application Of Pesticides Using Electric Knapsack Sprayer

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The knapsack sprayer is a device widely used due to its low cost and wide applicability. In recent years, there are electric knapsack sprayers, which besides increasing operator comfort, improves the quality of the spraying operation. Therefore, this work aimed to evaluate the technical parameters of spraying using an electric knapsack sprayer. The variables were: flow rate and fluid pressure, duration of battery power, shaft speed of the pump and its noise, using four flat fan spray nozzles (XR 110-02 VK TEEJET, AXI ISO 110-03 JACTO, AXI ISO 110-30 04 JACTO e AXI ISO 110-05 JACTO). The electric knapsack sprayer provided constant flow and pressure when using the nozzles XR 110-02 VK TEEJET, AXI ISO 110-03 JACTO, AXI ISO 110-32 04 JACTO. There were variations in flow and pressure of the liquid, especially at the end of tests using the nozzle AXI ISO 110-05 JACTO. The duration of the battery charge was proportional to the flow of liquid. Within the flow range tested, the noise of the pump followed the legislation standards for a journey of 8 hours of work.


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