Super Stealth Cell Phone Security Sleeve

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Identity theft is one of the most commited and most detrimental crimes being committed today. It’s also one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. Once the criminals have your information they can destroy everything you worked for all your life.

When your wireless device has been compromised all of your hard earned cash can be stolen directly out of your bank accounts. All of your other accounts of any value can be pilfered with impunity.

After you place your powered or un-powered wireless device inside our product line it secures your wireless device and protects you from those unscrupulous companies.

Untrustworthy marketing companies and some individuals also want to gather this type of information from you and your family. Some of them on a small scale, some of them on a massive scale. Nearly all are trying to sell you something. Some are outright trying to steal your data.

Most of this data is collected from you every day without your knowledge or consent.

The Super Stealth is a fabric security sleeve that helps prevent identity theft by blocking signals to and from your cell phone when you’re not using it. It protects all the data and your location from the prying eyes of your cell phone company so they can't sell your data to marketing companies.

Super Stealth also doubles as a Distracted Driving device. It removes the temptation to reach for your phone when it rings or receives a message notification while you’re driving.

The Super Stealth Cell Phone Security Sleeve does this by using high tech materials that simply block the incoming call so your phone won't ring. The best part about it is that when you remove your phone from it reconnects to your network and all of your messages are downloaded. You don't miss a thing.

Super Stealth is listed on the FCC Distracted Drivers Clearinghouse as a device that can help stop distracted driving and save lives. The Super Stealth solves both of these problems quickly and affordably.
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    We're trying to help save the lives of distracted drivers and their unintended victims. The Rapp IT Up can also help protect cell phone users identity and their vital data. It can also help protect your companies intellectual property.
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